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Date: 2003-02-11 13:32:20
Subject: Redemption Grace Period
Please note that deletion procedures for .Com and .Net domains have changed.
Due to a recent policy change by Verisign, a "Redemption Grace Period"
has been added for .Com and .Net domain registrations.

Upon the deletion due to non-renewal, the Registry automatically places
.com and .net domains into a Redemption Period Status for a total of 30 days. 
While in this status a domain can be retrieved only by the previous registrant
for a fee of $250.  Following the 30 day Redemption Grace Period, these domains
are then placed in a Pending Delete Status for five days, after which time, 
they will be fully deleted and available for registration.  

To retrieve a domain please contact support@9dollardomains.com.
Please note:  This is a Versign policy, not a 9DollarDomains policy. It is 100%
inflexible and we can do nothing to modify it, regardless of how upset you are
or how important your site is.
For the record, we think this new policy sucks big time, but it's rules placed
on us by Verisign, and it is .COM and .NET Registry wide, regardless of who you
use to assist in the registration of your names.  Under the old policy, a name
would simply stop working and you'd have 2-3 weeks to renew the domain at $9.99
and the site would come back online.  Under Versign's new policy, the first
notice many will have is that their site stops working and at that point, it's
$250 to get the name back from the registry.  The only other option is to wait
30 days for the name to totally expire and re-register it at that point.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can assist you further.


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