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Canadian Domains  Many hosting companies are capable of registering .com domains, but have no experience with Canadian (.ca) domains.  Through a partnership with Inet2000, 9DollarDomains is able to offer Canadian customers services tailored to the Canadian Marketplace.  These services include the option of billing in Canadian Funds, searching the .CA Registry, Registering Canadian (.ca) Domain Names, and most importantly the sometimes daunting task of acting as a liaison with CIRA (the Canadian Registrar)..

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Please note:
  When registering a .CA name, we will register it under our CIRA account and using our CIRA information.  We have already completed the CIRA registration forms, so while you still need to read and understand them, there is no actual action you need to take in order to have us register a .CA name under our master account.  However, if you wish to setup your own CIRA account and move the registration to your account, you can do so at www.internic.ca.  You will have to complete the requirements and forms yourself, and the transfer process will also extend the registration by an additional year from it's current expiry date.

We also use the stealthing features of Privacy.caPrivacy.ca is a service that allows domain holders to protect their confidential contact information from prying eyes. It does this by only giving out your domain contact information to registered and verified users who have proven a need for it. This puts you in control of who has your personal information.  9DollarDomains.com has no affiliation with Privacy.ca, other than we think your privacy is important. 

With the .com / .net / .org system formerly administered by Network Solutions in the United States, domain names are basically issued on a first come, first serve basis for anyone in the world.  If you register a domain name that infringes on someone's copyrights anywhere in the world, ICANN essentially stays out of the argument and let's the parties debate the issue through the legal process (i.e. mediation / arbitration / litigation).

In Canada, the Canadian Internet Registration Authority attempts to limit people from stepping on each other's toes in the first place by imposing some limitations on who can & can't register certain names.   There are substantially fewer restrictions than there used to be prior to CIRA's existance, plus Canadian domains can now be registered in 12-24 hours, rather than the 12-24 days it used to take.  While this process is still a bit more cumbersome than the ICANN (.com) process, CIRA is now much more automated and much faster than they used to be, and the Canadian Presence Requirements basically boil down to just about any Canadian Citizen, Resident, Business, Goverment or Organisation - so pretty much any one living or doing business in Canada now qualifies for a .CA domain name.

In order to be granted a top level .CA domain (i.e. yourname.ca) you must:

1) Meet the Canadian Presence Requirements for registrants, and
2) Accept the Registrant Agreement and,
3) Adhere to CIRA's Registration Rules.

Applications will then be processed on a round robin, "first come, first served" basis.  This means that if 100 Registrars each submit 10 names, CIRA will process one from the first registrar, then one from the second, then one from the third and so on until all 1000 queued names are processed.  Of course, it probably takes longer to describe this process than it does for CIRA's computers to complete it, but this means that potentially a name that shows as available may already be in the processing queue by someone else, and a seemingly OK registration will be regected once CIRA get's to that point in their queue and tries to process it.   Again, this is a subtle stipulation, since this rarely occurs in practice, however it potentially could so we mention it here.  Basically, the same golden rules apply - register your name as soon as possible and don't be a victim of "you snooze - you loose!"

Of course, there are no limitations that require Canadian customers to get only .ca domains.  Canadians are certainly quite able to apply for and receive .com / .net / .org / .cc names.  As a matter of fact, with so much of the Internet assuming that your site will probably be www.something.com, even Canadian customers can be more easily findable and more memorable if they do get a .com address rather than a .ca address.

Wether you wish to register a .CA or a .COM domain, 9DollarDomains is experienced and capable of assisting with the process, and we are your fastest / easiest and cheapest way of doing thisl.

For more information, email us at info@9DollarDomains.com.



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