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Canadian Domain Registration Rules and Requirement Documents

CANADIAN PRESENCE REQUIREMENTS (Version 1.2 Effective date: November 8, 2000)
Persons who wish to register a .ca domain name after November 8, 2000 must meet certain Canadian Presence Requirements.  Basically, any Canadian "person, permanent resident, corporation, legal representative, etc." all qualify.

REGISTRANT AGREEMENT (Version 1.2 – Amended July 16, 2001)
This agreement is between the registrant and CIRA.  You are supposed to read and agree to this agreement.

REGISTRATION RULES (Version 2.1 Effective date: December 1, 2000)
Rules and procedures for the registration of new .ca domain names.  You are supposed to read and adhere to these rules.

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Please note:  When registering a .CA name, we will register it for you under our CIRA account and using our CIRA information.  We have already completed these forms, so while you still need to read and understand them, there is no actual action you need to take in order to have us register a .CA name under our master account.  However, if you wish to setup your own CIRA account and move the registration to your account, you will have to complete the requirements yourself and you will have to pay CIRA for the transfer, which will also extend the registration by an additional year in the process.


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