Transfer Restrictions

When did you register?
ICANN, the corporation responsible for regulating all domain registrations, prohibits anyone from transferring a domain until 60 days after registration or transfer. If you registered or transferred your domain within the last 60 days, you won't be able to transfer your domain successfully until this waiting period is over.

To review your domain registration date, visit your Client Area, andyou can look up your domain details, which shows your registration or renewal dates. If your domain is not in your 'inventory' then you can look it up on the ICANN website.

Is your domain locked?
When you registered your domain, there is a 'lock' to help prevent unauthorized transfers. To transfer your domain to another provider, you'll need to make sure your domain is unlocked. You can unlock your domain in your Client Area.

Do you have your authorization code?
When you initiate a trasnsfer at a new Registration Provider, be sure you have your authorization code for the domain. Thenew provider needs this code to verify the transfer. You can request your code (or Key) in the domain details area of your client area.

Is your email address correct?
Your new provider will send an email to the administrative contact listed in your domain registration (your WHOIS information) when your domain transfer is ready. Be sure your administrative contact's email address is correct, or you won't be able to confirm the transfer.

Do you have ID Protect turned on?
ID Protect or other types of Private Domain Registration is an optional service that masks personal information that would otherwise be visible in the public WHOIS registry information that includes the administrative contact email address mentioned above. To ensure you receive your new provider's email, we recommend that you disable this feature during any transfer process.

Have you made changes to your WHOIS information recently?
It may take a short time for those changes to become visible to everyone on the Internet sometimes as much as 72 hours. If you have made any changes to your domain contact information, please wait a few days before transferring your domain.

Is the domain's expiry or renewal imminent?
The transfer process may take only several hours, but it may also take several days to process. You should initate the transfer process AT LEAST two weeks before the expiry or renewal date of the domain. There is no downside to transfering a domain weeks or month's early, and you don't lose any registration time when you do that, since the transfer process extends the regsitration for an additional year in the process. Waiting till the last day or two and initiating a transfer at that point is likely to run into complications.

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