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MicroSoft FrontPage Extensions
Professional Sites without programming knowledge.

9DollarDomains.com supports a number of standard authoring methods.  This includes FTP transfers of content created by virtually any HTML editor, like Netscape Composer and Microsoft's FrontPage Express, which are included Free with Netscape Communicator and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

We also support the popular FrontPage Extensions, so if you have Microsoft's FrontPage Software, creating, editing and publishing your pages has never been easier.  With FrontPage's built in features, you can have professional looking content without the custom .CGI or .ASP programming normally associated with such features.  Some examples of these built-in, easy to use features are:

Hit Counters: are essential to tracking the traffic to your site, but on many hosting services they are difficult to use, or require complicated .cgi or .asp's to accomplish.  While you may still choose to implement many of your own .cgi / .asp counters, simply inserting one of these into your page makes a quality counter readily available.
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Hit Counter
Hit Counter
Hit Counter

Hover Buttons: add a professional, custom programmed feel to your site, plus invite and guide your visitors to navigate through the site.  These buttons automatically activate on a MouseOver, with custom action, sounds or an entirely different graphic possible on MouseOver or MouseClick.

Rotating Banner Ads: Difficult and complicated .cgi scripts are one way to add rotating banner ads to your site, but the built-in Banner Ad Manager is a much professional (and more simple!) way of adding Banner Graphics to your site.  You select the size of the Banners, and the Manager will automatically crop graphics to match.  Select from a number of Transition Effect, including professional looking dissolves & wipes.  Banner Graphics can be photos (or samples from the built-in clip art), or they can be advertising graphics that are linked to various other websites or other pages on your site.

Graphic Clip Art: Select from a wide range of built-in clip art, including Professional graphics, animated logos, sounds, midi files, motion video and more.  Of course, you can create and add your own content, but 100's of ready-made pieces of art are available for you to insert into your pages.

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Photo Clip Art: Stock photos are ready and waiting for you to insert into your pages.  These are license free images that you can use, with both quality and fast download speeds in mind.  Ideal to give a site that professional look, images are available covering travel, sports, finance, technology and many more topics.

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Scrolling Marquees: Messages that Scroll or Slide onto the screen can allow longer messages in a smaller amount of space. Plus, they are compelling to read, encouraging the user to stay on your site longer.

Form Fields: Adding Forms to your site has never been easier.  All the standard Form Buttons, Boxes and Menu's are readily available to insert into your pages.  Extensive Field Validation is available, so you can require certain fields to be filled-in, or you can require them to contain only numbers, or only letters or a certain length of input, or many other validation to match your requirements.
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