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Credit Card Information: If you don't understand anything, please ask for details before ordering.


1) Your Statement will show services as being billed from INET2000 VIA INTERNETSECURE.
2) Customer Support:  In order to keep prices low, we do not provide toll-free or telephone support.   Phone 306-922-8700 or Email support@9dollardomains.com
3) Delivery of Services:  Domain Registrations & Hosting services are commissioned at time of order, and are usually active within a few minutes, although some orders may take 24 hrs.
4) Export Restrictions: Our Domain name registration and Hosting services are available worldwide.
5) Country of Location: We have servers located in Canada, Maryland, Texas, Florida and California.
6) Currency of Services: Transactions are completed in American funds, and will be converted to your native funds by your CC Company.
7) Refunds:  Services are rendered at time of order so there are no refunds.  Of course, you can cancel services at any time.
8) Privacy:  As an InternetSecure merchant, we do not keep a copy of credit card numbers on our system.  InternetSecure's system does not send us (or even allow us to retrieve) your credit card information.  On automatically recurring transactions, your card information is kept by them, not with us, so again your privacy and security are assured.  For more information on InternetSecure, visit www.InternetSecure.com

If you don't understand these terms and have any questions, please ask for details and we'll be pleased to explain any of our policies in more detail.  We want to thank you very much for your business.  We look forward to doing business together.  :-)

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