$9 Registration, $9 Hosting, $0 Internic Fees!

$9 Registrations, $9 Hosting, $0 Internic Fees!

$9 Registrations, $9 Hosting, $0 Internic Fees!

Welcome to the 9DollarDomains.com Email List Management Page.

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OPT-OUT Remove / Delete / Un-Subscribe this address.

From this page you can Submit or Remove email addresses from our list, which will either 'Subscribe' or 'Un-Subscribe' you from future mailings.  Our list is entirely 'Opt-in' meaning that it's optional for you to participate in our list.  We use this list to occasionally send information on our latest offers and on any significant changes to our prices, policies or the Domain Name Registration process that we believe you may be interested in.  If your email address was subscribed in error, this is the place to permanently remove it.  If you wish to be occasionally notified of our latest news, this is the place to get on our list.

We acquire our names from:
a) our existing customer / affiliate / dealer database, b) submissions by our existing customers / affiliates / dealers, c) databases of addresses that have subscribed or otherwise indicated that they are interested in 'Hosting' - 'Websites' - 'Domain Names' or other services that we provide, d) databases of addresses that have indicated they are interested in receiving money saving offers and / or e) people who have indicated they are interested in affiliate programs where they can earn money through referrals.  While we occasionally acquire or have names provided to us by external sources, we keep names submitted to us private and we do not sell our list to outside companies.

Most importantly, we honor all remove requests.  As a matter of fact, when you ask for a particular email address to be 'Removed', it's technically added to our 'Filter' list.  Every time we do a mailing, each email is compared to the addresses in the Filter List and only those that pass are sent.  This means that once you 'Un-Subscribe', you can't receive any mailings from us, even if you re-subscribe later.  If you wish to re-subscribe later, you must send a personal email to listserver@9dollardomains.com so that your email address can be manually removed from our filter list.

While we do believe in e-mail marketing, we do not believe in SPAM.  The emails we send are in compliance to Opt-Out mailing practices as stated in the Rules under Section 17538.45 of the California Business & Professions Code. If you want to buy our list, don't even bother asking. We do not sell or trade this list with anyone, and use it only for our internal marketing.  If you have any questions, you should READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS of service.